With an approach rooted in exercise physiology and education, Blueprint provides cycling athletes, teams, and businesses with the most comprehensive and progressive model for long-term athlete development.


Distinct programs tailored to individual needs, performance indicators, and training history. Unique plans for unique needs.


A science-based approach that provides ongoing improvement without plateaus. Foundation first, process second, outcome third.


An all-inclusive approach including skill development, injury prevention, strength training, conditioning, nutrition, and sport psychology



"After stepping away from ski racing in 2018 and committing 100% to mountain bike racing, I needed someone with a complete training program. Joel helped me make massive gains in my fitness and skills on the bike. We have worked hard on improving my cornering technique and overall body position. This has improved not only my top speed but also my consistency during race runs which is something I have struggled with over the last two seasons. This year I have been able to race with more confidence and control, which has made for some big improvements on the results sheet.

Joel’s unique approach to not only working on the fitness side but actually improving my skills on the trail has been a major part of my progress over the last three years. I am really excited to see what the future holds with Blueprint Athlete Development."

– Kasper Woolley, YT Mob Enduro World Cup Team



Blueprint Athlete Development provides thorough, data-driven programming for every kind of athlete from aspiring kids to professionals. We work with all kinds of sports, including cycling, motocross, alpine skiing, mountaineering, and team sports. Each plan encourages sustainable development through ongoing collaboration and consultation. No two athletes are the same, your training shouldn't be either.


Individual and flexible models catering to motivated athletes. Deliberately structured for specific needs, goals and timelines.


Practical programs tailored to completely fulfill the needs of each client. Seamlessly integrated, and catered towards key events.


Ongoing communication, modification, testing and feedback cohesively used in an athlete-centered regimen.

This type of coaching takes a holistic and long-term approach to maximizing athletic performance. We begin by addressing your deficiencies as a generalist, followed by working on the specifics that allow for personal bests and wins. Every aspect of an athlete's training is taken into consideration: strength, conditioning, skill development, cross-training, and flexibility, along with balancing daily routines such as work, school, family, and recovery. This process is data-driven and detail-oriented yet flexible enough for ongoing adjustments. These programs are a constant evolution, just like each individual.


Athletes training with Blueprint Athlete Development benefit from access to our fully equipped exclusive gym and daily training environment in Squamish, B.C. The facility is also available for private training sessions, testing, and athletes have access to suit their training schedule or to utilize the team of physiotherapists and practitioners who operate from the space.


Our world-class strength and conditioning team can design and implement training programs, teach techniques and explain how evidence-based training provides the ideal foundation for optimal development.


We use ongoing testing to confirm progress from training. VO₂ max, power, respiratory, functional movement, body composition, strength, baseline concussion, and neuroscience testing are all available.


Regardless of the injury, every athlete has small deficiencies and imbalances. Our rehabilitation team can assist with the preventative maintenance of chronic issues and rehabilitation from acute injuries.

"I've had many coaches in many different sports, but Joel and Blueprint Athlete Development have been a home for me the last six years. During that time, I’ve gone from a kid racing XC provincially to racing at the top of the Enduro World Series.

Joel has provided the skills and tools to support me through every transition and discipline. He created a long-term plan that gave me the freedom to enjoy other sports but always complemented and worked toward my end goal with riding and racing, bringing it back to basics and breaking down skills to develop a great foundation that we can build on.

The community that has developed around Blueprint is something special and is almost like a second family that elevates the riding ability of everyone. My success would not be where it is without Joel and Blueprint Athlete Development."

– Jack Menzies, Canyon Collective Factory Enduro Team


Our focus on long-term development with athletes in all aspects of their riding and training provides the ideal pathway and optimizes the likelihood of reaching goals. Several Blueprint athletes have worked with Joel for years, and some relationships go back to the beginning when Joel ran the Whistler Bike Park’s Development Team. Lucas Cruz is an example of the benefits possible from the long-term pathway, and he continues to work with Blueprint Athlete Development today. Rhys Verner, Emmett Hancock, Jack Menzies and Lief Rodgers are a few other riders who worked with Joel through their youth and have progressed to the professional level they dreamt of when starting.

Working with athletes from the early stages of their development provides the ideal training environment and culture through each development step. All aspects, from skills to strength and conditioning and psychology, can be specifically targeted to meet the individual’s needs and offer the best chance to succeed.


Each year, a few athletes from our training group are selected to receive additional support with bikes and equipment our generous partners provide. For 2023 the members are Max Halchuck, Logan Chapman, and Sophia Ervington.

These riders pit at races with our partners, receiving mechanical assistance and mentorship during a race weekend. Our partner brands also use Blueprint Racing as a means of talent identification and consideration for their factory teams.

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At Blueprint, we work closely with athletes to improve not only fitness but also to improve cycling technique. Many of our athletes live abroad, so the majority of coaching and consulting takes place online, over the phone, and via video conferences. We can provide comprehensive coaching, skill development, and competition tactics, plus any additional resources you might need. Numerous athletes live close to our home of Squamish, BC or travel here for training purposes.

Our preference is to work with athletes holistically. Skills are affected by fitness and vice versa. Tactics and mental performance are also universally critical. That said, we have separated our coaching options for your consideration.

Comprehensive Coaching

Our solution to a complete training system. With over 20 years of fitness instruction and technical skills coaching experience, Blueprint Athlete Development has become the industry standard for long-term training.

Programs are tailored to the specific needs of each individual, incorporating evidence-based coaching strategies, personal needs, competition schedules, and daily training environments. All aspects of strength, mobility, fitness, and cross-training are addressed. Comprehensive coaching includes ongoing consultation and communication with coaches on nutrition, goal setting, mental performance, equipment and setup, and injury prevention.

Our programs are dynamically periodized, meaning no "set" plan exists. Coaches adjust and adapt plans each week based on constant interaction, subjective feedback, and data analysis. Interaction with our coaching team is wider than once per week. We believe ongoing interaction and feedback are vital to a successful athlete-coach relationship and encourage individuals to reach out consistently.

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Racing & Skills Training Programs

The Race Skills Training Program provides athletes with tools to improve their race success and safety. From world-class basics and technique to decision-making, bike setup and race routines, these programs are proven as ideal preparation for introductory, domestic and World Cup competition. Race Skills training is not just for dedicated racers; it’s the perfect fit for any rider who seeks more feedback, attention to detail, and the highest standard of programming.

Our skill development programs cater to your skill set and goals. This process begins with a conversation about group needs and outcome objectives. We then build a custom-designed program before the first session and make changes as necessary to reflect your progression.

We utilize video analysis and weekly communications to ensure that time between sessions is also an opportunity for improvement.

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"I’ve been training with Joel for several years now, and I love his approach to training because he aims to make you a better rider and an all-around human/athlete. He covers all bases and keeps it fun in the process. If you’re starting racing or chasing down podiums, I highly recommend Blueprint."

– Lucas Cruz, Norco Factory Racing



    For more information, to apply for coaching, or to connect about upcoming projects, please use the provided contact form. 

    – Joel Harwood